the fanfiction of lisa roquin

Welcome to my little corner of the web which houses my fic. The stories here run the gamut from completely Kid Safe to Adults Only. Fic may be Gen (No pairings), Het (Male/Female pairings) or Slash (Male/male, female/female pairings). If that bothers you there's a nifty little button in the corner of your browser called the back button. Use it. Or simply go elsewhere

Due to the MPAA not wishing their ratings system used in fanfic, all fic has a default rating of 15 which covers everything from utterly harmless to "pg15". "M" or Mature is the next rating and if it has an "A" for Adults Only, it means adults only. My stories are not intended for children, please be old enough to be here.

Disclaimer: These stories are merely for entertainment. No profit is made. No copyright infringement intended. All recognizable characters and their "worlds" belong to their authors, publishers, writers, producers, production companies and long lists of people who are very much not me.

Comments, questions, problems with links feel free to email me at lisaroquin at gmail dot com.

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